A phone system designed for small and medium businesses, Avaya IP Office offers powerful capabilities to help employees communicate more effectively with customers, vendors, and each other. Combining advanced, big business functionality with the ease of use and simplified management that small businesses require, IP Office helps small businesses use communications to differentiate them from their competition

Collaboration Products—Essential Edition

Keep costs down and still get essential call handling capabilities. IP Office Essential Edition is the perfect small business starter kit delivering all the “must haves”—call routing, caller ID, hold/conference/transfer, voicemail—and a great selection of Avaya phones.

Collaboration Products—Preferred Edition

Gain 10 times more voice messaging capacity (than Essential Edition) and handle dozens of calls simultaneously. Equip your business with multi-level automated call routing to ensure customers reach the right person fast, anytime. Secure a 64-party conference bridge with PIN number access. Get messages anywhere with automatic alerts.

Collaboration Products—Advanced Edition

Increase productivity and efficiencies in customer service. Customers receive 24/7 access to information and services. Optional applications ensure exceptional customer interactions for agents and supervisors. Tracking and reporting capabilities gather sophisticated customer intelligence and measure and report agent productivity.

Productivity Products—Power User

Users control office communications using an IP phone, cell phone or laptop. Users receive all their messages—voice, email, and fax—in a single inbox, and are automatically notified of important messages. Set up conference calls on the fly, and have calls ring simultaneously on both mobile and desk phones.

Productivity Products—Mobile Worker

Make any mobile phone an extension of the office phone system—complete with call handling features and speed dials. No more giving out personal reach numbers. Know that when customers call, they are dialing your business numbers, not your employees' personal numbers.

Productivity Products—Teleworker

Give teleworkers—employees who work remotely full-time—the same phone and functionality they’d have in the office. Users connect their phones to the company’s phone system via a virtual private network. And because it all goes through the IP Office system, you can hire talent from anywhere and save money.

Productivity Products—Receptionist

Help receptionists manage high call volume from their PCs. Streamline call handling with easy point-and-click call controls. A list of incoming calls and call status displays on the PC screen. Integrate with commonly used database software. Monitor all office extensions. Have one receptionist provide coverage for multiple offices.